We just finished a video for our song "Cuates Locos". A big thanks to Marco Vera, Christian Cavazos & Gabriel Felix. Check it out:


Friday, July 31st, 2015: Record Release Party! More TBA

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We've been recording a record which is still in the works, but if you don't mind giving us your email, you can download 'Corporate Assassin' for free:

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We are a band from Los Angeles with members from 400 Blows, Totimoshi and Sabertooth Tiger: an anti-biotic response to a sick and narcissistic culture of bourgeois celebrity hedonism, as the empire crumbles and the earth burns. Have a nice day!

From Los Angeles, 'Last Days of Ancient Sunlight' is a conglomerate of three rock brains grown into one, as though a three headed monster is coming at you like a rabid chainsaw, with you as its lone target. The band consists of Ferdinand Cudia formerly of 400 Blows (Drums), Antonio Aguilar from Totimoshi (Guitar, Vocals) and Chris Burnett, formerly of Sabertooth Tiger (Bass, Vocals).

Formed on May Day in 2013, Aguilar approached Ferdinand Cudia to start a band. The two started as a 2 piece before adding Chris Burnett to play bass and add additional vocals. Of Cudia, Aguilar states "Totimoshi and 400 Blows used to play shows together all the way back to the late 90's. I always loved Ferdie's drumming and have always wondered what it would be like to make music with him. The dude is a unique drummer. He's an animal!" Burnett brings the bass tones necessary to deal with Ferdie's blasting beats, and the vocals necessary to complement the wailing Aguilar.


In 1997 Drummer Ferdinand (Ferdie) Cudia got his start with the stellar LA band 400 Blows. WIth 400 Blows Ferdie toured or opened for such bands as Mars Volta, At the Drive In, The Locust, The Bronx, and Heroine Sheiks to name a few. They were one of the featured artists at 2005's All Tomorrows Party Fest. Ferdie's bash your brain drumming was the back bone of the band which at the time was considered one of the best bands in LA. They still would be if they were around today. No one plays quite like this guy. 400 Blows released 5 albums. 2 on Gold Standard Laboratories one on Buddyhead records and one on Rehash records.

Meanwhile, in Oakland and also in 1997, guitarist Antonio Aguilar formed rock band Totimoshi. Of Totimoshi Pitchfork magazine once said "It reaches the luminous place that Charlie Sexton's under the wishing tree occupied, the union of roots and rock." Decibel magazine gave Totimoshi's Ladron a 9/10. Thru the years Totimoshi toured with such bands as Mastodon, Helmet, Melvins, High On Fire, Eye Hate God and Nebula. Page Hamilton of Helmet produced 3 of their last 4 records and in 2011 Totimoshi were one of the featured artist at Roadburn Fest in the Netherlands. The band has released 6 albums of which 3 were on Volcom Entertainment, one was on Devil Doll Records, and two on Crucial Blast Records.

In Los Angeles, Chris Burnett co-founded SaberTooth Tiger in 2003 putting out one record and some EPs on Golden Standard Laboratories. Their first record, Extinction is Inevitable (2006), was recorded with producer and engineer Alex Newport, featuring Jon Theodore on drums. Their second record was self released on their own label, Extinct Music. With a few stints up the coast and out of the country (one in Australia with good friends The Nation Blue and Black Level Embassy), Sabertooth Tiger often performed benefit shows for radical community groups and art spaces, such as Mexicali Rose. They were featured on the beloved local rag the LA Record (as Motorhead) and supported and played the first 3 FYF Fests, amongst countless other shows.



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